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Wendy Drapela 

"It was a year of “Wendy 5.0” when it all got started. I was turning 50. There was a lot of reflections, celebrations, and decisions to make regarding what I wanted to do for the rest of my life"

I received a lot of help to start this journey, and Niche Design Market was born in 2018.


One of the important questions I asked myself was, “What type of things would I carry in my store?”.  I have always loved the city of Austin.  They are always on the cutting edge of design.


I fell in love with the handcrafted artisans. I liked the detailed perfection in their handcrafted pieces. You could see the pride in the artisan’s work and that spoke to me. To date, at Niche, we have access to over 80 designers to help bring your home décor dream to life.



The items the designers produce tell a story. Each piece has a unique style and character. We have items from all over the world, as well as from local artisans. These artists and artisans have a strong passion for what they do.

I am very passionate. Every piece that you get from Niche will be unique.  You will not get the ‘assembly line’ feel; you will obtain original artisan pieces that can be customized. That is one of the features at of Niche that I am very proud of. 


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