Bridal Registry

Do you feel like creating a bridal registry is a chore; a task you just want to get over with?


When I was younger and getting married, one of the most frustrating things I had to do was create a bridal registry. I was very humbled and confused during the process. I did not quite understand the value or appreciate the idea of someone going out of their way to pick out something special for me. 


A bridal registry experience does not have to feel that way.


Where you are now and where you will be 10, 20 or 30 years from now will be completely different. When picking items for your bridal registry, think about what pieces you will want to be around when you are 40, 50, or 60.


Those “classic” pieces are ones that have special stories and people behind them. Years from now, you will look back and recall the person who gave you the bridal gift. Although that person may no longer be there, you will still have the gift and memory of that person to cherish.


Home décor is layers of your story. It takes you back to where you have been and works toward where you want to go.



Let's work together to create your unforgettable bridal memories.

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