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Hand-carved Spoons

The large spoons are great for cooking and serving, and the small spoons are ideal for spices, sauces, and desserts. Each spoon is hand-carved from beautiful beech hardwood, and they gain a warm patina with age and use. 


Carved Bone Photo Frames

A set of three photo frames


Tray with handles

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Made from the top of a whisky barrel


Hand Blown Art Glass Vases

A variety of special techniques are used to craft these hand blown art glass vases. Each one displays multiple layers of thick glass.

barrel lazy susan.jpg

Lazy Susan

Made from Wine Staves from a Wine Barre


Copper Plated Flatware

Our Oslo 5 piece cutlery set was inspired by the minimal and clean aesthetic of 20th century Scandinavian flatware. 


Wall Wine Stave Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is made from a wine barrel.


Large Tin Vase

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Bamboo Containers

Set of 3 Bamboo Containers


The Fellowship tea towel

Aptly thematic for breaking bread, is inspired by an English tea towel and made from pure linen to avoid surface lint when drying delicate china and glassware. Individually printed using silk screens, each towel is cut from running yardage that comes off the loom with selvage sides before we hem it by hand.

Stave Clock.jpg

Wine Stave Clock

This unique and beautiful clock is made from a wine barrel.


Barware Tool Set

This tool set comes with Horn Handles


Hand blown Glass Closure



Bird Napkin Rings

Boxed Set of 4 Bird Napkin Rings in Pewter